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Well-being and balance

through relaxation

relaxation, calm, well-being


Josee Boutin
Owner,  certified massage therapist

My interest in massage therapy is materialized in 2017 by the search for calm, well-being and serenity through my professional activities. I have been practicing massage therapy in private, in spas and in clinic. Since 2022, I am proud to receive you at Centre therapeutique Jomasso inc., of which I am the owner.

Member of the Réseau des massothérapeutes professionnels du Québec Mon Réseau Plus.

"Treat yourself well, that's what's important."

- Jomasso


services and prices

payement accepted: cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard

Cancellation and "no show" penalty: Cancellations made within 24 hours before the appointment or absence from the appointment will result in a fee equivalent to 50% of the price of the reservation.

45 minutes -   91$

60 minutes -  109$

75 minutes - 129$

90 minutes - 146$

105 minutes - 179$

120 minutes - 218$

 135 minutes - 240$

DUO 60 minutes - 198$

DUO 90 minutes - 266$

Simultanious 2x 60 minutes - 204$

Simultanious 2x 90 minutes - 280$

Simultanious 3x 60 minutes - 297$

Simultanious 3x 90 minutes - 399$

plus taxes


Firm and gentle movements acting on the muscles, joints and nervous system.

Improves circulation, helps eliminate toxins, relieves tension, relieves pain.


Fluidity and harmony promoting body awareness, mental and emotional.

Improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety. Perfect for a deep relaxation.


Gentle and supported movements addressing scalp, face, ears, neck and shoulders.

Cleans out sinuses, stimulates concentration, relieves tension, improves sleep.


Combination of Swedish or Californian massage and cranial massage or reflexology.

The time allocated to each is determined according to the needs of the client. Relaxation guaranteed!


Without oil, with pressure and slow movements, addressing one or more zones in tension.

Reduces tension and inflammation, improves muscular recovery and performance.


Soft and relaxing movements, helping to release tensions of the pregnancy.

Not recommended for pregnancies of less than12 weeks.


Massage with an holistic, sensorial and meditative approach, applied using flows of energy.

This massage is done over clothing, with no pressure or minimal. Promotes self-healing.


Massage given with heated basalt stones. Deep relaxation of muscles and other body systems due to the heat of hot stones which is both stimulating and soothing.


Vigorous massage with a modern approach to traditional lomi lomi to better address today's tensions. Promotes circulation, invigorates muscles.


Very slow and subtle movements, addressing the connective tissues of the body.

Reconnection with oneself, psycho-physical appeasement and energetic renewal.


Addressing the feet and composed mainly of sustained pressure on specific points, in order to regulate the different systems of the body and release tension.

Business hours

reservation or information

Tuesday to Sunday:  9h - 19h

contact info

4609 #2 de Verdun st

Verdun, Qc  H4G 1M6

Tel: 438.304.3053

494 Qc-212 west

La Patrie, Qc  J0B 1Y0

Tel: 514.701.6366

Message envoyé avec succès!.

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